Beware of scamsters - here are some tips for safe Digital banking.

Save your hard earned money from scamsters ! Here are a few tips !

  • Never share your OTP with anyone, bank staff will never ask for this
  • Do not share your debit card CVV with anyone, bank staff will never ask for this
  • Always access Equitas Bank's internet banking through Equitas Bank's home page by typing the bank's website address (www.equitasbank.com) on to the browser's address bar.
  • Check the URL as https://www.equitasbank.com/ to verify the Bank's internet banking page and the PAD Lock symbol at the top left of the browser
  • Check for valid SSL security certificate (https). The "S" added to http represents a secure website
  • Make use of virtual keyboard feature while logging into your internet banking account
  • Check your account statements periodically and bring any fraudulent transaction to the notice of the bank using “Report Unauthorized Electronic Transactions” in Equitas Bank’s website
  • Don't write or store your passwords / banking credentials anywhere
  • Don’t reply to the text message from unknown numbers.
  • Don’t click on any links from unknown sources for making payments
  • Never download an app or attachment if it is not from a trusted source
  • Do not access internet banking from public Wifi network like hotel/airport etc