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Retail Internet Banking FAQs

What is Internet Banking?

Equitas Internet Banking is a powerful tool that lets you do everything you want with your accounts at a click, giving banking in Real Time providing up to date details on your account. Move from traditional Branch Banking. No more waiting in long queues. Get to know what our Internet Banking has to offer.

How can I register for Internet Banking?

Once you open an account with Equitas Small Finance Bank, your welcome letter will contain your Customer Identification Number, Account Number and also your Personalized Debit Card if opted.

For registration, you need to go to and submit the following details for registration {Under Sign up Now}.

Register with your personal details

  • Provide your Customer Identification Number (Customer Identification Number will be 7 digits & your A/c number will be 12 digits)
  • Mobile number
  • Date of Birth
  • Email ID

You will be receiving a One Time Password on your Registered Mobile Number.

  • Post receiving the OTP, you will have to select 3 different security questions and answers before proceeding with the selection of User Name / Password for the Internet Banking login.
  • Security questions & answers will be useful for you if and when you want to reset your Internet Banking credentials.

Register with your Debit Card

  • Enter your 16 digit Debit Card number
  • Enter the expiry date and CVV
  • Enter your ATM PIN

You will be receiving a One Time Password on your Registered Mobile Number.

  • Post receiving the OTP, you will have to select 3 different security questions and answers before proceeding with the selection of User Name / Password for the Internet Banking login.
  • Security questions & answers will be useful for you if and when you want to reset the Internet Banking credentials.

You are now set with your unique User ID & Password.

    What is OTP and how long is the OTP valid?

    OTP refers to One Time Password. The OTP is valid for 5 minutes. One Time Password acts as a secondary authentication over and above your login ID and password for Online Banking. One Time Password is required for all key financial transactions and this will be a 6 digit number sent as an sms to your Registered Mobile Number.

    Please note that every OTP comes with a unique Reference ID to help you enter the relevant OTP in case you have generated multiple OTPs for the same transaction. Reference number will be available on the mobile phone and on your Internet Banking / Mobile screen where the OTP has to be entered.

    What is the logic behind the User ID & Password?

    User ID should be a combination of alphabets and numbers. Maximum character length is 100 characters. Password should be a minimum of 8 characters and a maximum of 32 characters. The Password should be a combination of 1 mandatory upper case, 1 mandatory lower case, 1 number & 1 special character.

    How long is a Password valid for?

    Your Internet Banking Password will be valid for 365 days and you will be asked to reset your password on and after the date of expiry.

    How long is a User ID valid for?

    Your User ID has no expiry date and once the User ID is set, the same cannot be changed for your account.

    What can I do with my Internet Banking Account?
    • Check your account balances and review online statement for upto 3 months.
    • Book Fixed Deposit / Recurring Deposit
    • Redeem Deposits online
    • Recharge DTH / prepaid mobile
    • Request for a Statement / Cheque book
    • Download Periodic Account Statement
    • Update Profile Contact Details
    • Free Coupons for Recharge
    • Debit Card Pin Reset / Green Pin
    • Card Limit Management
    • Request Stop Payment of a Cheque
    • Hotlist your Debit Card
    • Register for Third Party Transfer

    Transfer funds between accounts within Equitas Small Finance Bank and other Bank Accounts using RTGS / NEFT & IMPS

    • Set Standing Instructions
    • Cheque Deposit
    • Raise service requests / complaints
    How safe is my Internet Banking?

    Equitas Internet Banking service is Secure. We use Industry-Standard Technology and Infrastructure. We ensure that your account details and transaction details are in safe custody. For your security, please read through the Do's and Dont's section. Our Internet Banking security consists of up-date standards for security as set by the Reserve Bank guidelines.

    How can I reset my Internet Banking account if I forget my Internet Banking credentials?

    Don’t worry about remembering your password. You can always reset this at your convenience in easy steps. Our aim is to make your life simple and your banking experience fun.

    You need to go to and select Forgot / Reset PIN.

    You can reset your password using your profile details, answering your security questions or by entering your debit card details – Remember to have your Customer Identification Number handy before selecting the option of user details / questions.

    How can I change my Password?

    Once logged in, you can go to Profile settings and change your Password. It is advisable to keep changing your Password frequently. Your Password is valid only for 90 days.

    What modes of Fund Transfer is possible Online?

    You can do a NEFT / RTGS / IMPS transfer online using your account to transfer funds between Equitas account and other bank accounts. To initiate any fund transfer, you need to Register a Beneficiary.

    Terms & Conditions for NEFT / RTGS Fund Transfer are as follows:

    • The user represents that he has read and understood the contents of Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and Online Security Tips available on the Equitas SFB website.
    • Equitas SFB shall not be liable for any incomplete information provided by the User while transferring funds through online NEFT/RTGS using Equitas SS & AS Channels.
    • The instructions issued for Online Fund Transfer under NEFT/RTGS facility shall be irrevocable and the User understands that he/ she shall not be entitled to revoke / cancel the same under any circumstances.
    • The User shall be solely liable and responsible for the correctness of all information pertaining to the Beneficiary and the Transaction. The User acknowledges that Equitas SFB shall not be in a position to verify such information regarding the Beneficiary.
    • The Funds transfer request made after 6 p.m. on a working day will be presented to RBI on the next working day subject to settlement system availability.
    • Funds transfer request made on non- working days / holidays will also be presented to RBI on the next working day.
    • The actual time taken to credit the account depends on the time taken by the Payee's Bank to process the payment.
    • The actual time taken to credit the Beneficiary account depends on the time taken by the Beneficiary's Bank to process the payment for which Equitas SFB does not take any responsibility. The money will reach the Payee's bank within the time stipulated by the Reserve Bank of India.
    • The minimum amount per day for NEFT is Re.1.00 and the maximum amount via online channel will be INR 5,00,000.
    • The minimum amount for RTGS is Rs.2,00,000 and the maximum amount of funds that can be transferred can be modified on the internet banking profile settings. Per day using RTGS, customer can transfer maximum of INR 10,00,000.
    • In case of any return / rejection of funds transferred, the same will be restored back to the account originally debited. However, the user confirms that any delay in receiving the credit upon such return/ rejection, Equitas SFB may not necessarily be liable to pay any compensation nor be deemed for deficiency of service.
    • The User has an obligation to maintain secrecy in regard to User ID & Password registered with Equitas SFB. The User should keep his/her ID and password strictly confidential and should not divulge the same to any other person and after every use shall invariable logout from the system. As a matter of precaution User may avoid using PCs with public access and not leave the computer unattended during a valid session. Any loss sustained by the User due to non-compliance of this condition will be his/her own risk and responsibility and the Bank will not be liable for the same in any manner.
    • The timings & cost associated must be agreed as per the details mentioned in the bank website.
    • The User hereby confirms and agrees to pay charges for availing NEFT/RTGS through Equitas SFB and authorizes the Bank to debit the account towards payment of service charges.
    • Bank reserves the right to change/modify the cut off timings, charges, limits etc. or any process/procedures from time to time.
    What is a Beneficiary and how to enroll a Beneficiary?

    There are no restrictions in the number of Beneficiaries that you can add on your account.

    In your Internet Banking account, under Transfers, Beneficiary Maintenance, you can add or delete a Beneficiary. Once Beneficiary details are added, you will be requested to validate the same with a One Time password. You can choose to activate the Beneficiary based on your convenience. Once Beneficiary is added, there will be a cooling period of 30 minutes before you can make the first transaction.

    What details do you need to add a Beneficiary?
    • Account number
    • Account type
    • IFSC Code – You can directly enter the IFSC Code or use our search option to type the Bank name, State name, City name and Branch to fetch the right IFSC Code.
    • Preferred mode – You can select a preferential selection of NEFT / RTGS or IMPS.
    • Beneficiary Name – Actual name of the account holder you are trying to do a fund transfer to.
    • Beneficiary Nick Name – You don’t have to remember the actual name. Create your own nick names for friends / family or anyone that you want to transfer to.
    • Beneficiary E-mail - Enter the E-mail ID if you have it, else this can be ignored. Using Share option, you can also share transaction details with your Registered Beneficiary once the transaction is successfully completed.
    • Beneficiary Mobile – Once provided, you can use the phone number as a search criterion when you attempt to do a fund transfer.

    Basis input of the above information, an OTP will be triggered to your Registered Mobile Number. The OTP needs to be entered to activate your Beneficiary.

    *Once a Beneficiary is added, the transfer limits are designed as follows

    First 30 minutes ₹ 5,000 (in full or parts)
    First 24 hours ₹ 25,000(in full or parts)
    First 48 hours ₹ 50,000(in full or parts)
    Post 48 hours Maximum applicable online transaction limits
      Can I change my picture on the Internet Banking account?

      When your account is opened, our staff would have your picture taken. The same picture will come as a direct feed to your Internet Banking account and this may not be changed at this stage.

      How can you block your IPIN (Password) or Un-Register?

      Customer may place a request for disabling retail internet through CCC (Customer contact centre) and Branch channels.

      What are the non-financial transactions I can perform using my Online Banking account?
      • View your Account balance
      • View your Account statement
      • Enquire about cheque status
      • Request for a statement
      • Downloadable online statement
      • Download Periodic Account Statement
      • Update Profile Contact Details
      • Free Coupons for Recharge
      • Debit Card Pin Reset / Green Pin
      • Card Limit Management
      • Request for a cheque book
      • View your Fixed Deposit details
      • Download your Fixed Deposit Advise online.
      • Update your profile
      • View your Mandates
      • Offers from our side
      • Change Deposit maturity instructions
      • Customizable limits for your fund transfer
      What is my Fund Transfer limit, can this be modified?
      • Maximum NEFT limit – INR 2,00,000 per transaction.
      • Minimum of INR 2,00,000 & Maximum RTGS limit – INR 10,00,000 per transaction.
      • There are also restrictions during the first 24 hours of adding a beneficiary, the applicable limits will be displayed when you are attempting for a fund transfer.

      Under profile settings you can choose to reduce your daily limits for online transaction (NEFT / RTGS / Within Equitas / IMPS / Outside Equitas). The maximum threshold set by the bank will remain unchanged.

      What are the Do’s and Dont’s of my Internet Banking account?


      • Make net banking Passwords difficult to guess by using strong 6-8 length alphanumeric characters.
      • Change your Password at regular intervals.
      • Set Secret Questions and Answers to ensure that you can reset the Password online.
      • Update the latest Mobile Number and E-Mail id with the Branch.
      • Equitas Small Finance Bank sends you all your transaction alerts and transaction related authentications (Eg. One Time Password) on your Registered Mobile Number.
      • Keep a track of all your transactions done in account regularly.
      • Use recommended Standard Safe Web browsers like Internet Explorer 7.0 and above.
      • Log off from the Internet banking when your session is finished. Clear the Browser level Cookies, Cache and Saved Passwords from the browsers.
      • Type our Internet Banking website on the address bar. Always login to Internet Banking through our Bank's home page by typing the bank's website address ( on to the browser's address bar instead of copying from emails or external links.
      • Use licensed anti-virus software on your computer, and ensure it is regularly updated.
      • Use a browser version that is EVSSL compatible, which will help you easily identify genuine websites.


      • Do not write down Passwords, PIN on any paper which may be seen easily by anyone.
      • Do not share Login User-ID , Password, Digital Signature Certificate and the PIN associated with the Digital Signature Certificate to anyone including family members, friends or bank employees.
      • Never note down User ID, Password on a piece of paper, documents or phones for easy retrieval.
      • Customers should also never use the ‘Remember Password’ feature provided by browsers to save their Net Banking Passwords.
      • Don’t share your Password or CVV details to anybody. The Bank never asks for confidential information like User ID, Password, ATM Card Number, CVV, etc., via mail, SMS or bank initiated phone calls.
      • Do not store confidential information including your account details and Passwords (Including One Time Password) where they are easily accessible. Common incorrect practices followed are storing information in a file on your computer, laptop or phone or saving them under unprotected notes.
      • Password protects your pc, laptop and mobile device to prevent un-authorized access and avoid using unsecured or shared networks.
      • Avoid using your Internet Banking or making payments through Internet Banking from shared or unprotected Computers/ Smart Phones from public areas.
      What is TDS and what reflects under TDS?

      TDS refers to Tax Deducted at Source. Under your Interenet Banking, if you hold any deposits, the tax computation of the TDS for the Deposit will reflect online. Under certain conditions, the customer can request for TDS exemption basis valid proof submission
      – The proofs can be uploaded online.

      What are the different types of requests I can place using my Internet Banking account?
      • Cheque book request
      • Statement Request
      • Demand Draft
      • Standing Instruction
      How long will my internet window be open before the session times out?

      Your Internet Banking account will be idle upto 5 minutes for inactivity. Post 5 minutes, the session will be logged out and the user needs to login again.

      What does SR summary refer to?

      SR Summary Refers to Service Requests. Any requests placed online will generate a Service Request for the bank to action upon. The status of your request will reflect under the SR Summary section.

      What are the different types of Standing Instructions that I can enable Online?

      You can set a Standing Instruction for triggering fund transfer to a beneficiary within Equitas. The frequency of the fund transfer can be set for daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly.

      How do I lodge complaints?

      You can call our call center on 1800 103 1222 or register your complaints via Online Banking. Go to Utilities and lodge your complaint online. You can always visit your nearest / home branch for any assistance during business hours.

      What are the future offerings or upcoming items for your online banking?

      Items in pipeline that will be coming soon via Internet Banking are….

      • Unified Payment Interface
      • Payment Gateway Integration
      • Loyalty Rewards solutions
      • Merchant Transfer
      • Cheque Pickup facility
      • Enabling and disabling Point of Sale and online transactions of your Debit card
      • Rewards, cashback & Redemption
      What is favorites?

      Once you perform a fund transfer, you can choose to save the transaction under favorites. Once saved, you can access the same from main page under favorites and the saved beneficiary and transaction mode will be auto populated for you to complete your fund transfer.