Debit Card FAQs

What is an Equitas Bank Debit Card?

An Equitas Bank Debit Card is a payment card, which enables the customer to make secure purchases conveniently by facilitating deduction directly from a consumer’s liability account. Debit Cards eliminate the need to carry cash or physical cheques to make purchases.

What is Chip based Debit Card?

It is a debit card that has a chip on the front and the traditional magnetic stripe on the back. The chip provides added security when used with a chip-enabled POS terminal or ATM and has greater global acceptance.

How does a Debit Card work?

Debit card serves dual purpose: it functions like a regular ATM card at ATMs and like a credit card at Merchant establishments, except that the transaction amount is directly debited from account holder's saving / current account.

What are the benefits of Chip based Debit Card?

Chip Card variant is widely accepted. Debit Cards with microprocessor chip technology are extremely difficult to counterfeit or copy when used with a chip-enabled terminal or ATM. The chip contains information in an encrypted format hence making it secure.

How can I apply for an Equitas Bank Debit Card?

You can choose to apply online or drop in at the nearest branch. An Equitas Bank Debit Card comes along with an Account Kit provided once an account is opened.

What are the details mentioned on my Equitas Bank Debit Card?

Front of your Equitas Bank Debit Card will display:

  • 16-digit debit card number
  • Debit Card Expiry Date
  • Debit Cardholder Name (Only for personalized cards) and a Chip on the left of the plastic

The back of your Equitas Bank Debit Card will display:

  • Customer service number
  • 3 digit CVV number
  • Signature panel
What is CVV Number?
The CVV number is a code displayed on the back of the card. There are 7 digits entered near the signature panel at the back, out of which the last 3 digits are the CVV number. This value is required as a form of authentication for online and IVR transactions.
How do I activate an Equitas Bank Debit Card which comes along with my Bank’s Welcome Kit?

You may instantly activate your Equitas Bank Debit Card by generating a PIN using ATMs, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking & IVR. 

Will I receive the Physical Pin?

No, the Physical Pin will not be sent/couriered due to security reasons.

What are the ways to reset the Debit Card PIN?

Debit Card PIN can be instantly reset using ATMs, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking & IVR.

How can I block the Equitas Debit Card if the same is lost/ stolen or damaged?

Immediately get your Equitas Debit Card blocked and place a request for new Equitas Debit Card by

  • Calling our 24 hrs phone banking Centre at 1800 103 1222 Or
  • Block the debit card using Internet banking / Mobile Banking / visiting a nearby Equitas Bank branch
I do not remember my Equitas Bank Debit Card PIN. How can I generate it?

You can generate your Equitas Debit Card PIN by

  • Calling our 24 hrs Phone Banking Centre at 1800 3000 1222 Or
  • Logging into Equitas Bank Mobile Banking App or Internet Banking at
  • By visiting a nearby Equitas Bank branch
What are the charges for using the Equitas Debit Card at other bank ATMs?

Charges for using Equitas Debit Card at other bank ATMs are mentioned here

Will I be able to use Equitas Debit Card for International transactions?

Place a request for new Equitas Debit Card by Visa Debit Cards that can be used internationally.

Can I use my Debit Card for Online Shopping?

Yes, it is more convenient and safer to use Debit cards for Online transactions. All you need to do is, mention your 16-digit card number, CVV and expiry date. Post which, you will have to authenticate the transaction using one-time password (OTP)received on your registered mobile number.

Can I set transaction limits on my card?

Yes, it is possible to set your limits subject to the minimum and maximum limits as prescribed by the Bank from time to time.

What’s new in the Contactless Card? 

Contactless variant provides convenience of contactless payment along with the existing features offered on  Debit card. 

A Contactless card is a faster way to pay with your debit card for purchases under Rs.5000/- at participating stores. Instead of dipping (or swiping) your card on the merchant terminal, simply wave or tap your card on the contactless enabled terminal and pay without entering a PIN (for amount under Rs.5000/-). 

How will I know that my Equitas Small Finance Bank  Debit card is a Contactless card and the machine is enabled for contactless transactions?

Look for this symbol on your Equitas Small Finance Bank card and also on the machine at the shop. This symbol, if present, means that your card is a Contactless card and the machine is enabled for contactless transactions

I have the old  Debit card, will I be able to use it in contactless mode?

No, the contactless mode is available only on the new card variant. However, the customer can still opt for a card replacement and get a contactless version at standard replacement charges which are currently applicable.

How does the Equitas Small Finance Bank  Contactless Debit Card work?

It contains a chip and an antenna (based on radio frequency). When you tap the card against a contactless enabled terminal, the details get transferred wirelessly from the card to the terminal and the payments get processed in a secure manner.

How does Contactless Technology benefit me?

Contactless cards benefits you through its enhanced convenience to pay and higher level of security. The convenience is by way of speed of payment through not having to enter your PIN for transactions below Rs.5000/-. It is also more secure as you are in control of the card at all times as the card does not leave your hand when you make the payment at the shop.

Is my Equitas Small Finance Bank  Contactless Debit Card safe and secure? 

Yes, contactless technology uses secure encryption (the same as CHIP and PIN) so you can confidently use it. The maximum transaction value for a contactless transaction is capped at Rs.5000/- which further limits any possible loss. Furthermore, you continue to be protected through the lost card liability cover on your card. Just ensure you report loss of your card to Equitas Small Finance bank immediately on discovering the same.

How do I use my Equitas Small Finance Bank  Contactless Debit Card for contactless payments?

Look out for this symbol on the machine at the shop/store/outlet Just tap the card on the machine or keep it close to the terminal (for transactions below Rs. 5000/-) You will hear a beep/see a light and get the receipt for the contactless payment you have done

When can I use my Equitas Small Finance Bank  Contactless Debit Card?

You can use your contactless card wherever you see this symbol at the shop/store/outlet. It is ideal for transactions below Rs.5000 as a PIN and Signature is not required. So you do not need to count the change or worry about carrying enough cash.

What if the amount is more than Rs.5000/-?  Will I be able to use my  Contactless Debit Card?

Yes, you will be able to use your  Contactless Debit card, however, if the amount is above Rs.5000/- then you will have to use it like a regular debit card by either dipping (or swiping) it in the machine and you will also be asked to enter the PIN. 

Is there a limit on the value of goods I can purchase with my contactless card?

No there is no limit on value of goods that you can purchase. For transaction value over Rs.5000/- you will have to use your card by either swiping or dipping it like any other EMV chip debit card.

What if I am buying something online and the value is below Rs.5000/-?

Contactless features works at a shop where there is a machine. There is no change in the way you transact online. This card works as your normal debit card when you are shopping/ paying bills online i.e. it will require a PIN or OTP and/.

Is this Rs.5000/- limit worldwide or only in India?

The Rs.5000/- limit per transaction is only in India, if the transaction is over Rs.2000/- you will need to put in a PIN. Each country that has contactless cards has different rules and it also depends on the terminal which would be used at that time, in that country. 

Is there a daily limit on the amount of purchases done using contactless cards?

Yes, there is a daily limit of 5 contactless transactions on this card, which means that only 5 transactions below Rs.5000 will be permitted without two factor authentication, post which any transaction below Rs.5000 on that same day will require the card to be dipped and PIN to be typed.

Do I have to use contactless?

No. You can use  Contactless card as regular CHIP and PIN card by dipping (or swiping) it in the machines. Contactless machines also accept CHIP and PIN cards.

Can I still use the chip or the magnetic stripe on my  contactless card?

Yes. If the shop doesn’t have a contactless machine installed, you can continue to dip (or swipe) your contactless  debit card just as you always have. You can also choose to use this option even if there is a contactless terminal available.

How do I disable/turn off the contactless option? 

Contactless is a optional feature of your card and can be enabled or disabled as per the requirement of the customer. You can still dip (swipe) your  Contactless debit card just as you always have and enter the PIN, if you don't want to make a purchase using contactless.

How do I get a  contactless card?

If you hold a  Debit card, you can apply for a replacement through branches. Replacement options are also available on internet banking and mobile banking. If you want to apply for a new  Debit card, you currently hold some other debit card, you can apply for the same at the branch /through internet banking (provided your account scheme is eligible for a  Debit card).

How do I know when the contactless payment has been made?

The machine at the shop/outlet will indicate that the payment has been made – a light, beep or indicator will let you know that the payment has been processed. You will get a receipt which means that the payment has been successful.

Will I get receipt for all the contactless transactions? 

Please let the shopkeeper know that you need a receipt. However, the receipt is not directly available in some circumstances; for example, while paying for travel by tapping your card on an electronic ticket reader, or using a contactless card at a vending machine. And all contactless purchases are recorded on your statement and you will get to see them on your Equitas Small Finance Bank internet banking account and Equitas Small Finance Bank mobile app as well.

How far from the contactless machine should I hold the card? 

Contactless cards and machines do not work beyond a distance of 4 cms. We would suggest that you remove the card from your wallet/purse/clutch and keep it on the machine.

Can I accidentally be charged for a contactless transaction just by walking past a contactless terminal? 

No. Contactless machines and cards have a limited range. Your card needs to be within 4cms from the machine to be read.

What if the contactless functionality does not work?

There may be a small chance that the contactless functionality does not work straight away on your new card. Your card needs to be activated before the contactless functionality will work. If you use your card first on a transaction by inserting your card into a machine then putting a PIN, then contactless should work after this transaction.

If I lose my Equitas Small Finance Bank Contactless Card, do I get lost card liability?

Yes, Equitas Small Finance Bank  Contactless Cards provide cover upto 100% of the purchase limit as long as you report the loss of your card to Equitas Small Finance Bank immediately

What is E-mandate standing Instruction on Debit Card??

In view of RBI guidelines, to ensure better safety and control over your standing instructions for the payment of utility bills, phone bills, insurance, DTH and OTT (like Netflix & Amazon Prime) among others, the following changes have been introduced:

If you have linked your Debit Card with a service provider for Auto-Debit payments:

1.Pre-Debit Notification: Starting 1st October, 2021, you will receive a pre-debit notification, for all recurring transactions/standing instructions linked to your card, at least 24 hours prior to the due date of the bill.

2.Mandatory Additional Factor Authentication (OTP) for a bill amount higher than Rs 5000 or if the bill amount is greater than the deductible limit set: In case of all transactions being greater than Rs 5000 or if the bill amount is greater than the deductible limit set by you while signing up for a subscription, you will also receive an OTP from Equitas Bank. Please ensure to approve the same prior to the bill due date.

You will have to approve all such transactions by following these steps:

Visit > Internet Banking/ Mobile Banking > Manage Cards > Login post authentication -> Already enabled subscriptions will show up if user has registered - > Customer can also link multiple debit cards and view cancelled transaction.

How will I get information about my upcoming Debit?

Customer will be intimated through SMS at least 24 hours before the debit date. Customer can click on the SMS link and Pause, Stop or allow the transaction of the next Debit through Equitas Mobile Banking and Internet Banking.

Will my existing/ on-going Standing Instruction be declined?

Recurring transactions that are not listed on this portal will be declined starting 1 st October,2021.In order to check if a particular biller/recurring transaction/standing instruction linked to your card is listed or not, you need to visit Equitas Internet Banking or log on to Mobile Banking and get on to the ‘Manage Card’ section.

How do I continue to make payments at non-compliant merchant websites/apps?

You can continue to initiate timely payments at merchant website/app(both domestic & international) in order to enjoy uninterrupted service using your Equitas Bank Debit Card. While Equitas Bank is trying to make this transition in your payment journey as smooth as possible, we urge you to also check with your service provider for any additional steps to be taken to ensure you can continue to make the most of your Equitas Debit Bank Debit Card.