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Interesting things heading

History has always shown us banking as a serious industry and it makes usto feel timid &helpless when entering into a bank branch. Why it has to be this since the dawn of banking?


Equitas thought of brighten up the industry’s mood and to sprinkle fun in the banking sector. Right from our first steps, we were so sure that our communication has to be very different from the usual style that the people are used to in banking sector.

Tired of boring bank statement?The Sudoku puzzles on your bank statements are sure to entertain your family.
No more automated voice to annoy you!We have celebrities to cater your needs when you call our customer support.

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About #FunBanking

The days of Banking being Drab and dreary are over. In the Equitas Era of Fun Banking, get your High five's when you visit our Branch. Watch our fun music videos. Chat with our expert mimicry artists on Customer support, and this is only the start. We take banking seriously, but with a smile!