Save in Rupees through regular monthly installments to reach a targeted sum on maturity. Enjoy higher interest rates and easy installment amount suitable to your requirement.

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NRE Recurring Deposit

  • Invest monthly installments* from Rs. 1,000/- and in multiples of Re. 1 thereafter
  • Enjoy higher interest rate comparable to NRE FD
  • Flexi Tenures from 12 month (and in multiples of 3 months thereafter) to 120 months
  • Repatriate both principal and interest fully
  • Enjoy Tax exemptions on NRE Interest earned
  • Open RD in Joint names with another NRI or PIO
    *installment amount once fixed cannot be altered and partial payment of installment is not permitted.

Recurring Deposit Calculator

Calculate the returns on your monthly investment with Recurring Deposit Calculator

Recurring Deposit for Domestic/NRE/NRO (in INR) Rate for different tenure with effect from: 27th June, 2022

NRE RD Rates

Interest rates for amount less than Rs. 2 crore w.e.f 27th June, 2022

12 Months 6.60%
15 Months 6.60%
18 Months 6.60%
21 Months 6.45%
24 Months 6.45%
30 Months 6.90%
36 Months 6.90%
48 Months 6.00%
60 Months 6.00%
90 Months 6.00%
120 Months 6.00%
  • Please check all terms and conditions applicable on FD/RD for premature withdrawal
  • No Senior Citizen special interest rate applicable for NRE/NRO RD
  • Pre Closure of NRE RD before the completion of 12 months will not get interest payment.