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Corporate Internet BankingNACH for Individual


We - as a Destination Bank:
As a customer of Equitas Bank, the Bank offers a rich payment solution that is hassle free and easy to set up.
You can execute mandates on your accounts towards making repetitive payments viz., Mutual fund SIP, Mobile Phone bills, Utility bill payments, Rent, salary payment, Dividend/Interest payments etc.
We - as a destination bank i.e. we are providing you with account services with which you would be able to validate mandates executed by you within the TAT specified by NPCI and help you in setting up of mandates.
Prerequisite for Individuals:
Customers’ need to fill the mandate form mentioning the accounts details, amount, frequency of transactions and the timeline and submit it to the entity to whom they wish to make payment, for processing and set up through their bank.
Benefits to the customer:
  • Timely payment of bills / Instalments /premium without remembering the due dates.
  • No late Payment charges
  • Timely receipt of salary/ dividends/ interests.
  • Less dependencies on paper-based transaction.
  • Faster processing time and less manual intervention.