Business Loan

Managing finance is unarguably the most important component of any business. For SMEs, timely finance is the key to making the most of business opportunities. As an entrepreneur, your persistent goal is to grow and expand your business to the next level. There are phases in a business cycle when you seek financial avenues to fuel the growth of your small or medium level enterprise. Quite often your business needs that extra push to take it to a new level of development. In a stiff competitive environment and an ever-growing economy, you would not want to lose any business opportunity that comes your way.

Our business loan not only helps you meet your working capital needs but also helps fulfil your aspirations of expanding your business. Our financial solutions are designed to meet the individual needs of firms covering varied industries. We offer loans especially crafted for small and medium enterprises because their financing needs are unique.

We also provide complete financial solutions to Doctors for purchase of equipment, setting up of Clinic, X-ray lab, Nursing home, expansion, modernisation, renovation of existing premises, purchase of ambulance, computers and most importantly, meet working capital requirement.


  • Loan against Financials – Business loans based on financials from Rs.5 lakhs to Rs. 75 Lakhs
  • Loan for Professionals – Business loans for Architects, Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, Engineers from Rs. 5 Lakhs to Rs. 10 Lakhs
  • Loan against POS machine sale - Business loans based on POS machine sale from Rs. 5 Lakhs to Rs. 25 Lakhs
  • Loan for Doctors – Business loans for Doctors from Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 40 lakhs


  • Speedy loan processing
  • Simple Documentation
  • Repay with easy equated installments
  • Excellent customer service
  • Customised & Flexible financial solutions


  • Retail & Wholesale Trade
  • Service
  • Manufacturing


  • Sole proprietorship firms
  • Partnership firms
  • Self employed individuals and professionals
  • Private limited companies
  • Doctors

Calculate your Business Loan EMI instantly with Loan Calculator


Business loan  
Type of Loan Rate Of Interest (p.a.)
Fixed 18%

Type and Charges

Sr. No Type Charges
1 Processing Charges# 2% of the loan amount
2 Cheque bounce charges (CBC). 500
3 Foreclosure charges (For Fixed interest rate period) Upto 6% (As per Table)
4 Delayed payment 2% of the EMI outstanding


*Goods and Services tax (GST) will be charged extra as per the applicable rates, on all the charges and fees (wherever GST is applicable)

# Processing fee would depend upon the loan amount, the nature of vehicle and other factors

Foreclosure Charges

  Loan Tenor
EMI Serviced 12 to 23 months 24 to 35 months > 35 months
<6 months 5% 5% 6%
6 to 12 3% 4% 5%
12 to 18 - 3% 4%
>18 - 3% 3%


Interest rate and Mean rate for the quarter Jan’19 to Mar’19
Type Mean rate Min Rate (in %) Max Rate (in %)
Business Loan 17.39% 15% 21%
•Mean rate = Sum of rate of interest of all loan accounts / Number of all loan accounts.


Annualised Percentage Return (APR) for the quarter Jan’19 to Mar’19
Min Rate (in %) Max Rate (in %)
17% 23%
* The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is a method to compute annualized credit cost which includes interest rate and loan origination fee


List of Authorized Recovery Agencies

To make payments for the Loan via NEFT / RTGS, please contact your Home Branch – Branch Manager for further details