Environmental Initiatives

Towards a sustainable future

Although banking operations have limited negative impact on the environment, we constantly endeavour to adopt eco-friendly processes and create awareness on sustainable practices among our stakeholders. At every CSR event, we ask our guests to plant two saplings near the event premises; 5,182 saplings were planted in 2019-20.

Our liability team ran two campaigns:

1) 50,000 saplings were distributed for each new account opened

2) 25,000 tulasi plants were distributed

Spreading awareness on solid waste management in our Equitas Gurukul schools.

We optimise our energy consumption by keeping a close eye on Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) run-time, installing CFL and other low energy consuming office equipment, and limiting the use of printers and copiers.

We promote paperless banking practices like e-mail account statements, internet banking, mobile banking, e-Wallet, electronic toll payments, among others.

We are leveraging technology to reduce paper consumption in our operations. Tab-based loan processing in Microfinance, Selfe FD and Selfe savings account opening are among a host of initiatives undertaken for paperless banking. We have also introduced eco-friendly paper pads, pens and pencils in our Boardroom.

Conducted workshop on source segregation and zero waste management concepts for all sanitary workers of the Chennai municipal corporation.