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Debit Card FAQs

    • What is an Equitas Bank Debit Card?
      An Equitas Bank Debit Card is a payment card, which enables the customer to make secure purchases conveniently by facilitating deduction directly from a consumer’s liability account. Debit Cards eliminate the need to carry cash or physical cheques to make purchases.
    • What is Chip based Debit Card?
      It is a debit card that has a chip on the front and the traditional magnetic stripe on the back. The chip provides added security when used with a chip-enabled POS terminal or ATM and has greater global acceptance.
    • How does a Debit Card work?
      Debit card serves dual purpose: it functions like a regular ATM card at ATMs and like a credit card at Merchant establishments, except that the transaction amount is directly debited from account holder's saving / current account.
    • What are the benefits of Chip based Debit Card?
      Chip Card variant is widely accepted. Debit Cards with microprocessor chip technology are extremely difficult to counterfeit or copy when used with a chip-enabled terminal or ATM. The chip contains information in an encrypted format hence making it secure.
    • How can I apply for an Equitas Bank Debit Card?
      You can choose to apply online or drop in at the nearest branch. An Equitas Bank Debit Card comes along with an Account Kit provided once an account is opened.
    • What are the details mentioned on my Equitas Bank Debit Card?
      Front of your Equitas Bank Debit Card will display:
      • 16-digit debit card number
      • Debit Card Expiry Date
      • Debit Cardholder Name (Only for personalized cards) and a Chip on the left of the plastic

      The back of your Equitas Bank Debit Card will display:
      • Customer service number
      • 3 digit CVV number
      • Signature panel
    • What is CVV Number?
      The CVV number is a code displayed on the back of the card. There are 7 digits entered near the signature panel at the back, out of which the last 3 digits are the CVV number. This value is required as a form of authentication for online and IVR transactions.
    • How do I activate an Equitas Bank Debit Card which comes along with my Bank’s Welcome Kit?
      To activate your Equitas Bank Debit Card, A PIN based financial transaction through ATM or POS is necessary.
    • Will I receive the Physical Pin?
      No, the Physical Pin will not be sent/couriered due to security reasons.
    • What are the ways to reset the Debit Card PIN?
      Debit Card PIN can be instantly changed using ATMs, Internet Banking and Mobile Banking.
    • How can I block the Equitas Debit Card if the same is lost/ stolen or damaged?
      Immediately get your Equitas Debit Card blocked and place a request for new Equitas Debit Card by
      • Calling our 24 hrs phone banking Centre at 1800 103 1222 Or
      • Block the debit card using Internet banking / Mobile Banking / visiting a nearby Equitas Bank branch
    • I do not remember my Equitas Bank Debit Card PIN. How can I generate it?
      You can generate your Equitas Debit Card PIN by
      • Calling our 24 hrs Phone Banking Centre at 1800 3000 1222 Or
      • Logging into Equitas Bank Mobile Banking App or Internet Banking at www.equitasbank.com
      • By visiting a nearby Equitas Bank branch
    • What are the charges for using the Equitas Debit Card at other bank ATMs?
      Charges for using Equitas Debit Card at other bank ATMs are mentioned here https://www.equitasbank.com/savings.php
    • Will I be able to use Equitas Debit Card for International transactions?
      Place a request for new Equitas Debit Card by Visa Debit Cards that can be used internationally.
    • Can I use my Debit Card for Online Shopping?
      Yes, it is more convenient and safer to use Debit cards for Online transactions. All you need to do is, mention your 16-digit card number, CVV and expiry date. Post which, you will have to authenticate the transaction using one-time password (OTP)received on your registered mobile number.
    • Can I set transaction limits on my card?
      Yes, it is possible to set your limits subject to the minimum and maximum limits as prescribed by the Bank from time to time.