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Customer Testimonials

In Oct’2018, I got a call from fake merchant for shopping offers who was very assuring and sounding to be genuine as "They were completely professional, it was a clear line, they knew my name” and had requested me to subscribe for the offers by sharing my card personal credentials.

I had shared my card credentials along with Card number, OTP, and CVV details, and noted that money was debited from my Savings account.

I received a call from Bank’s Fraud Risk Management Team, and told that they had stopped some unusual transactions on my account, and assured to act upon and recover the fraudulent transactions.

Most of my money was recovered by the Bank and was credited back to my Savings account.

Thankfully, I have been a customer of Equitas Small Finance Bank and I’m grateful to Fraud Risk Management Team, for the timely support and intervention in recovering disputed fraudulent transactions amount.
- Vadodariya Jayeshbhai Nagjibhai, Surat
I lost my Equitas Bank Debit Card during my travel in Indonesia and was unaware that my card was misused with fraudulent attempts, where money was debited from my account.

It was not until Equitas Small Finance Bank had proactively prevented more fraudulent debits that were attempted and informed me about the misuse, and then I had reported the loss of my card with the bank and they helped me right away.

I was very much happy to know that the Fraud Monitoring Team who had prevented further fraudulent activity in my debit card and remaining available balance in my account was saved.
- Akash Mundra, Madhya Pradesh