Account Opening Form - Signed by the customer

Name, Address & Activity Proof:

ANY TWO of the following documents below:

1.Registration Certificate.

  • TAN Allotment Letter issued by NSDL
  • Excise Registration License
  • Registration License/ Certificate Issued by Profession Tax department.
  • Downloaded License/ Certificate issued by Service Tax Department.
  • License issued by Food and Drug Control.
  • Valid SEBI Registration certificate in the name of the firm.
  • Valid License under the Explosives Act in the name of the firm, in case of Industry of Hazardous nature like fireworks, petrol pump, etc.
  • IRDA (Insurance and Regulatory and Development Authority) license in the name of the entity with address mentioned.
  • Permission issued by respective govt. authority for units in SEZ (Special Economic Zone), STP (Software Technology Park), EOU (Export Oriented Unit), EHTP (Electronic Hardware Technology Park), DTA (Domestic Tariff Area), and EPZ (Export Processing Zone) in the name of entity mentioning the address allotted.
  • Registration Certificate of recognized Provident Fund with PF Commissioner.
  • Factory Registration certificate issued by any state/central govt. authority.
  • License to Sell Stock or Exhibit for Sale or distribute insecticides under the Insecticides Rules issued by respective state/union govt. dept.
  • License issued under Contract Labor (Regular & Abolition) Act 1970.
  • License issued by Police Dept. under the Provisions of State Police Acts.
  • Valid APMC License under the APMC act by the local AOMC Board authorities.
  • Certificate from the State Industrial Development Corporation.
  • Certificate/License issued by any Govt. Bady for carrying out
    business in the firm's name.
  • Municipal Registration Trade License issued by Municipality and
    certificate to be signed by Govt. Officer.
  • FSSAI Certificate / Registration - subject to satisfying that the customer is actually involved in such a line of business / activity who/which requires FSSAI License.

2. Registration Certificate / License issued by municipal authorities under Shop & Establishment Act.

3. Sales and Income Tax Returns

4. CST/VAT/GST Certificate (Provisional/Final)

5. Certificate/Registration document issued by Sales Tax / Service Tax/Professional Tax Authorities

6. IEC issued to the proprietary concern by the office of DGFT License/Certificate

7. Complete Income Tax Return where firm's income is reflected in the name of sole proprietor

8. Certificate of Practice issued by recognized professional bodies

9. Certificate issued by Gram Panchayat-Certificate to signed by Govt. Officer

10. Utility Bills such as electricity, water, and landline telephone bills not more than 2 months old.

Kyc of Proprietor

ISA of the Proprieter to be collected as applicable for individuals.


Account Opening Form - Signed by the customer

Proof of Business Name, Partnership & Signatures of all Partners/Beneficial Owners

1. All Partnership Deeds

2. Registration Certificate or one government issued certificate confirming name, address and activity of the firm as per KYC grid of sole proprietor.

3. Partnership declaration signed by all the partners.

4. PAN card (Mandatory

5. List of Partners along with their signatures & capital/profit percentage.

6. IP cheque

Proof of Business Address (Any one proof)

  • Any one of the documents prescribed for the proof of Activi--- ty/Entity in the proprietorship grid in name of Firm.
  • Address proof in the name of any partner of the Firm along with CPV at the business address.
  • Address mentioned on a registered partnership deed. The deed should be registered with the Registrar of Firms under Indian Partnership Act 1932
  • PAN allotment letter in the name of the partnership firm.

Identity and address of partners

  • Identity & Address proof documents to be collected as prescribed in the Grid for individual customer from all the Partners of the partnership firm, along with BO declaration. If one or more partners is are an entity, complete KYC of the entity needs to be collected including BO.


  • Account of Partnership firm with HUF as a partner can be opened without any approval ΚYC of HUF as prescribed needs to be collected.
  • Trusticwhat try partner in partners.
  • Partnership cannot be a partner in another film
  • Proprietorship concern cannot be partner in partnership firm

Account Opening Form - Signed by the customer

Proof of Business Name, Partnership & Signatures

  • LLP Agreement- Written Agreement between the partners or between the LLP and its partners
  • Certificate of Incorporation issued by the Registrar of Cos.
  • PAN Card
  • LLP Resolution
  • IP Cheque

Proof of Registered Business Address

LLP Agreement OR Any one of the documents prescribed for proof of Activity / Entity in the Sole proprietorship grid in name of Firm

Identity & Address of partners

  • Identity & Address proof documents as prescribed in the Grid for individual customer to be collected from all Partners of the partnership firm.
  • In case of partner/s is/are an entity, the KYC of the natural person who is beneficial owner of that entity needs to be done.
  • Designated Partner Identification Number (D-PIN) Director Identification Number (DIN)

Account Opening Form - Signed by the customer

Proof of Identity of the Name of the company

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate of commencement of business
  • Updated Memorandum & Articles of Association online e-copy of MOΑ and AOA is acceptable along with sell-attestation of directors.
  • PAN Card
  • IP Cheque

Proof of Principal place of Business, Registered Office, Mailing Address

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Utility Bills
  • Form 18 along with ROC Receipt
  • Service Tax Registration
  • Certificate from the Company Secretary indicating the details of the registered office, business office, mailing address, etc.
  • (If mailing address is different from registered office address: Mailing address proof and registered office address proof needs to be collected.)

Proof of Names of Directors (Any One)

  • Certified copy of Registrar of Directors
  • List of directors signed by Company Secretary
  • Form 32 duly acknowledged by ROC
  • List of Signatories downloaded from the MCA website along with a letter from the company confirming that the information uploaded on the website is latest and updated. Either both the downloaded copy and the letter to be signed by only the company secretary or by any one of the director who is authorized signatory.

Proof of Authorized Signatories

Resolution of the Board of Directors to open an account and authorization for operating the account. Power of Attorney, where applicable.

I & S proof of Authorized Signatories / Company Secretary

  • Identity & Signature proof of all the Directors / Company Secretary who are signing the BR copy / extract to be obtained
  • Identity and Signature proof to be obtained for all the signatories on the account (both directors and authorized signatories)
  • ISA of UBO who holds more than 25% share capital
  • NMC Waiver
  • 50% waiver of AMB for women proprietor in Metro/Urban location (Business Prime, Advance, and trade-in current account)
  • Choice of Account Number - Make your Favorite number as account no
  • Earn Interest with the Smart Money Option. Let the idle funds in your account make you earn more money with facility of Auto Sweep-in and Sweep-out FD in current accounts (for NTE customer)
  • Flexible cash deposit Imit across variants, with the option of cash deposits in our CDMs-24/7
  • Go Digital with our GR CIB RIB VAN POS options with exclusive offers and Low MDR rates
  • Reward Points Program for Current Account customers (for new and existing CA customers)
  • Doorstep Banking Option - Free Cheque / Cash Pick-up in Trade-In & Wings Current Account


The mentioned documents are just the general requirement to open a current account. For detailed information on the documents required, kindly visit your branch.