For those times when you’re busy or lazy and want everything easy, try NetBanking!

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With Corporate Internet banking facilities from Equitas Small Finance Bank, you can
Secure Transactions
Transact in a safe and secure environment with enhanced security features like Secret Q&A or OTP to safeguard your details
Delegate & Control Access
Nominate as many users as you would prefer, along with dedicated user profiles to control Transaction/Authorization flow.
Anywhere & Anytime
Transact from anywhere at anytime.
Account 360°
Get complete information of all your accounts with Equitas.
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No Queue
Avoid Queues and delays.
Easy Login
Login in 2 simple steps
Unprecedented Transaction Limits
Now you can transact upto 10 Crores on a single day or in a single transaction based on your needs.
Using Internet banking services, you can do the following banking transactions online:
  • View all your accounts & email your account statements
  • Deposits (Fixed Deposits and Recurring Deposits)
  • Transfer funds within Equitas Banks and other banks (IMPS (P2A), NEFT, RTGS and Intra Bank)
  • TDS Details (TDS Exemption)
  • Bulk upload for NEFT / Salary processing. So that you can process maximum number of transactions with minimum effort.
You can generate your login password online in case you have forgotten it, by answering the Preset Secret Question and Answers and then authenticate through Second Factor authentication. In the interest of safety of our customer’s funds and confidentiality of information, no telephone or email request will be accepted for resetting the password
  • Make net banking passwords difficult to guess by using strong 6-8 length alphanumeric characters
  • Change your password at regular Intervals
  • Set Secret Questions and Answers to ensure that you can reset the Password online.
  • Update the latest Mobile Number and E-Mail id with the Branch.
  • Equitas Small Finance Bank sends you all your transaction alerts and transaction related authentications (Eg One time password) on your registered mobile number.
  • Keep a track of all your accounts and transactions done in account regularly.
  • Use recommended Standard Safe Web browsers like Internet Explorer 7.0 and above.
  • Log off from the Internet banking when your session is finished. Clear the Browser level Cookies, Cache and Saved Passwords from the browsers.
  • Type our internet banking website on address bar, always login to Internet Banking through our Bank's home page by typing the bank's website address ( on to the browser's address bar instead of copying from emails or external links.
  • Use licensed anti-virus software on your computer, and ensure it is regularly updated.
  • Use a browser version that is EVSSL compatible, which will help you easily identify genuine websites
  • Do not write down passwords, PIN on any paper which may be seen easily by anyone.
  • Do Not share Login User-id , Password, Digital Signature Certificate and the PIN associated with the Digital signature certificate to anyone including family members, friends or bank employees
  • Never note down user ID, password on piece of paper, documents or phones for easy retrieval.
  • Customers should also never use the ‘remember password’ feature provided by browsers to save their net banking passwords.
  • Don’t share your password or CVV details to anybody. Bank never asks for confidential information like user id, password, ATM card number, CVV, etc., via mail, SMS or bank initiated phone calls.
  • Do not store confidential information including your account details and passwords (Including One Time Password) where they are easily accessible. Common incorrect practices followed are storing information in a file on your computer, laptop or phone or saving them under unprotected notes
  • Password protects your pc, laptop and mobile device to prevent un-authorized access and avoid using unsecured or shared networks.
  • Avoid using your internet banking or making payments through internet banking from shared or unprotected Computers/ Smart Phones from public areas



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Terms and conditions

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User Manual


CIB bulk upload format


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