Here is why you have to come out of your traditional way of savings and start with a bank.

January 2019

Ever wondered how your parents managed to successfully get your needs sorted – be it school fees or surprise gifts for your birthday, no matter what the financial situation....

Planning for your child’s future? We’ve got you covered!

January 2019

“Behind every young child who believes in himself, is a parent who believed first”
One of the greatest joys in life as a parent, is when you see your child....

Explore and Celebrate this festive season without breaking your piggy bank!

The month of October brings in a host of festivities that are celebrated throughout the country. Over the course of 9 -10 days, different states take part in cultural celebrations that highlight their unique heritage, tradition and customs....

Why take less, when 6% is more

Savings account is always a better option to deposit your hard-earned money. Grow your money by choosing the best savings account in the market. Savings account is considered one of the best liquid investments....

Tricks to save yourself from inflation

Inflation can never be your problem until it hits you hard. When the day-to-day commodity price starts to mount, as a consumer you might feel the punches. The value of money will hit rock bottom and the consumer’s purchasing....

4 Movies with unbelievable Scenes about Savings

Sometimes we learn more from movies than from reality. There have been circumstances where scenes from movies have been taken into consideration for making actual life decisions...


Equitas Small Finance Bank

Equitas Small Finance Bank is a new age bank that is giving children, youth, families and business people across India a new and fun way to bank. In our time as a micro finance company, we silently went about enabling livelihoods and elevating lives.

About #FunBanking

The days of Banking being Drab and dreary are over. In the Equitas Era of Fun Banking, get your High five's when you visit our Branch. Watch our fun music videos. Chat with our expert mimicry artists on Customer support, and this is only the start. We take banking seriously, but with a smile!