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Explore and Celebrate this festive season without breaking your piggy bank!

The month of October brings in a host of festivities that are celebrated throughout the country. Over the course of 9 -10 days, different states take part in cultural celebrations that highlight their unique heritage, tradition and customs.

This festive season, take a break from your hectic work schedule! Discover and enjoy these mesmerizing & captivating celebrations without breaking your piggy bank!

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So gather your friends and family! Here are a few celebrations that you should not miss out on this month!

1. DandiyaRas and Garba- It’s time to put on your dancing shoes!


Dress up in colorful traditional attires, and join in the festivities as men and women dance together in rhythmic synchronization. With most places also including Bollywood songs along with traditional music, there’s no stopping as the dancing continues all night!

2. Mysore Dussehra– Celebrate with the Royal family!


Join the citizens of Mysore as they take part in exuberant celebrations of Dussera hosted by the Royal Family. Visit the Dussehra Exhibiton, watch numerous folk music and dance performances, and get to witness the Jumbo Savari. This is one royal experience you don’t want to miss!

3. Golu - See a unique form of storytelling with artistic display of dolls!


With nine steps representing the nine days of Navaratri, most houses and temples in South India set up Golu displays. The homes are kept open for visitors who are greeted with warmth, and are served special festive food. Get to enjoy music recitals, as you celebrate the union of art and culture!

4. Bathukamma –A celebration that revives water bodies!


Women in Telangana set up beautiful floral decorations that represent and celebrate the spirit of the Mother Goddess. They gather exotic flowers from the region and set them up in intricate patterns, post which the Bathukamma is immersed in water bodies, helping purify them. Join the locals in this eco friendly celebration as they preserve and rejuvenate Mother Nature!

5. Durga Puja – Go Pandal Hopping across the city!


Take part in the Durga Puja celebrations that happen across different parts of Kolkata. Get to see creative and artistic display of idols in well lit, decorated pandals, and watch the city transform into a carnival as it welcomes Maa Durga! Don’t forget to indulge in delicious street food as you participate in the festivities with people across cultures and religion!

6. Tribal Dussera – Celebrate one of the longest festivals in the World!


Held over a span of 75 days, the Tribal Dussera celebrations in Bastar (Chhattisgarh) brings together local tribal communities who conduct the festivities in honor of goddess Danteswari. Get to witness the tribes dressed in their traditional attire, and watch them bring in the local deities in a chariot procession. Get transported back in time as you become a part of these age old ancient tribal customs!

7. Ramlila – Watch the epic story of Ramayana come alive!


Grand enactments of Ramlila mark the celebrations of Navaratri in most parts of Northern India, including Varanasi, and the capital city of Delhi. The performances which take place in specially constructed maidaans in Delhi, conclude on the last day with the burning down of giant figurines of Ravana, Kumbakarn and Meghnad. Cheer on with the crowd as they light up the sky with grand firework displays, celebrating the victory of Ram over Ravana!

8. Mawar Festival – Remembering the heroes of Rajasthan !


The annual music and dance festival of Mawar which is celebrated to honor the memory of the Rajput heroes features a host of activities that you can be involved in. From watching traditional Dandi Gair and Ghoomar performances, to shopping for handicrafts and eating traditional food, get to explore the cultural heritage of Rajasthan in this two day festival! Also don’t miss out on their camel tattoo shows and exciting polo matches!

Well, what are you waiting for?

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Happy October!