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Here’s a Quick Trick to Reach Office on Time


When was the last time you’ve been stuck on traffic and honking at the vehicles in the toll queues. It happened yesterday too, right? It’s a hectic schedule to reach office from your suburban homes.

Here is a checklist that can help you to reach office on time

  • Get up quickly with an alarm clock.
  • Sleep early and get at least 8 hour sleep
  • Plan your morning before going to sleep.
  • When you try to get sleep for 10 more minutes while your alarm is snoozing, try imagining your boss’ face close to yours with red angry eyes. (I dare say that you will wake the next minute if you do this).
  • Finally yet notably, whatever you may do but you still have the high probability of being stuck at the long queues in Toll plaza.

For this, god has to help you out or if you would like to do something about it, get selfeFASTag.

Never heard about it? Click the below link to save yourself from annoying long queues at tolls.

Gear up to dodge your Monday blues and enjoy your work.

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