How To Stop Overspending on Vacation | Equitas Small Finance Bank

4 Ways you Can Avoid Some Expensive Mistakes While on Trips:


Trips can get expensive.Pre-planning for a trip can help cut down expenses drastically.A few ways we can avoid some expensive mistakes while on trips are:

  • Street Shopping-While on a trip, street shopping can be better than shopping in a mall.Not only does it make you explore the place but also makes you spend lesser than you expected.
  • Make a Budget-A budget always helps us plan our expenditure ahead, which makes us cut down unnecessary purchases.While on a trip, having a budget is a smart way to avoid excess spending.
  • Have your FASTag-Having your FASTag can help you out from lot of confusions and can avoid the trouble of searching for change at every toll you pass,which saves a drastic amount of time and energy.
  • Book Twin Rooms-While travelling with friends and family it is important to get along with each other and spend quality time with one and other so instead of booking multiple rooms, booking twin rooms or cottages would make the trip more exciting and would cut down your expense drastically.

Plan and enjoy the relaxing long weekends.