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Swacch Air Mission with Equitas Small Finance Bank


Air pollution is a worry for everyone, especially for those who live in urban areas or suffer from conditions like asthma. Nobody wants the air in our cities and towns to be polluted. Motor vehicles give off more than half of all carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions .These emissions, including microscopic particles, that can contribute to breathing and heart problems along with an elevated risk of cancer.

Does your vehicle emit smoke like a mini factory chamber? Do the passerby’s overtake your vehicle because they want escape the charred smoke cloud behind you? Well, you are a contributor to the deadly chain of air pollution.

As many cities face a health emergency, here’s our initiative to combat air pollution. We at Equitas Small Finance Bank, have built an ecosystem that focuses on implementing things that bring about a positive change keeping an eye on the quality of air in communities we operate. One such initiative was the “Swacch Air Mission”- a mission to ensure that the air is clean and pollution free. We conducted a free pollution emission check in vehicles in association with the Government of Karnataka’s pollution check agency which was flagged off in Bengaluru at first.


The metropolitan city of Bengaluru is famous for two things - Tech Startups and TRAFFIC JAMS. In times of heavy traffic, even a short travel distance consumes a lot of energy, as one usually doesn’t turn off the ignition during traffic jams. In association with the Government of Karnataka’s pollution check agency we started a free emission control drive to educate people on the need for a regular pollution check for their vehicles at least once a month.

We deployed machines that checked the emission levels in two wheeler and four wheeler vehicles and instantly gave them a pollution check certificate. Around 500 vehicles were monitored during the campaign.



With the advent of more people having an easy access to new vehicles and the surplus availability of commuting options, we are slowly approaching a point where every vehicle emission contributes to a global concern/threat – Climate Change. But, we live in a world and time where we cannot go about our lives without the luxuries of owning a vehicle. In that case, we need to be extremely sensitive about the effects that it causes to the environment and start making small amends that will help minimize the damage to mother earth.

Aap Swasth Hai ? Kya Aapki Gaadi Swasth Hai ? - Be a part of the solution and not a part of the pollution.