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Planning for your child’s future? We’ve got you covered!


“Behind every young child who believes in himself, is a parent who believed first”

One of the greatest joys in life as a parent is when you see your child succeed in their life. From the moment you hold them for the first time, to when you leave them at school on their first day, crying and not wanting to let go, all you wish for and work towards is to be able to provide your child the life they deserve.

So when the day comes when your daughter who played with toy planes says she wants to become a pilot or your son who has always been fascinated with cars says his ambition is to become an automotive designer, don’t you want to be ready and prepared to support their dreams?

With school admissions right around the corner, some pre planning and smart investment choices can help you provide for all their educational needs & expenses, and ensure they fly high in their chosen career path.

So how to get started?

It’s important to start planning for your children and their education as early as possible. So fix a goal and work towards it keeping in mind the time available - for example figure out when your child would be going to college and calculate backwards from that.

You know that saving regularly from your monthly salary and your existing savings alone might not be sufficient enough to reach your target. Not to forget other household expenses, and emergencies, if any. The smartest way to invest your earnings would be to choose an account that gets you covered on all aspects for Savings, Wealth Creation, and Protection, for you and your entire family.

Understanding this responsibility of managing multiple things at same time, we have come up with a relationship proposition that has the features of a unique investment solution that aims at creating long term wealth, a free protection cover that multiplies with time, and also gives you the highest interest rate on your Savings Account – with Equitas Edge, we have it all.

So invest your money wisely and watch it grow. Give your children the edge over all their dreams and aspirations with Equitas Edge.