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Five things to consider while opening a Savings Account


A Savings Account allows you to access your money easily anywhere, anytime. Just like we take time to carefully handpick and select the things we buy, choosing the right savings account also needs a little bit of research to pick the one that will support us best.

Here are 5 factors to keep in mind while choosing a savings account-

1. Interest Rate - The Interest rate offered plays an important role in determining where you put your money – after all, this decides how much your savings will earn for you. Even a small difference in the interest offered can prove fruitful in a longer run, so choose wisely! At Equitas, all our savings accounts offer 7% p.a interest Rate on Savings Account* for balance between 1 lakh to 1 crs.

2. Minimum Balance - Our range of Savings Accounts come with competitive slabs on minimum account balance to ensure you are never strapped for funds. You can also enjoy waivers on balance maintenance* with attractive options on investment in Fixed Deposits or debit card swipes.

3. Add On - Get attractive Reward Points for every spend, free movie tickets, complimentary lounge access, insurance benefits, free cash deposits, discounted locker rates, along with family grouping of accounts, and many more. Explore our Savings Account here.

4. Beyond Savings - If opening a savings account can also get you started on your dreams, then why wait? With Equitas Edge, not only do you get 7% p.a. interest Rate on Savings Account* for balance between 1 lakh to 1 crs, but you can also get closer to your goals with Systematic Investment Planning (SIP), and free insurance up to 120 times of your monthly investment.

5. Branch Presence - If you are someone who likes banking in person, then a bank that is in your neighborhood will prove more useful. Equitas has 392 branches across 240 cities – find the branch closest to you here. In addition, if you want to withdraw and deposit cash, we have 350+ ATMs spread across the country.

Now that you have seen what a potential savings account has to offer, make the right choice and choose the one that will help you meet your financial goals.


 Regular Savings Account



Value Plus Account



Wings Savings Account





*Refer Schedule of Charges of Savings Account. T & C Apply.

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