4 Interesting things you can expect on Fun Banking

4 Interesting things you can expect on Fun Banking

History has always shown us banking as a serious industry and it makes usto feel timid &helpless when entering into a bank branch. Why it has to be this since the dawn of banking?


So, Equitas thought of brighten up the industry’s mood and to sprinkle fun in the banking sector. Right from our first steps, we were so sure that our communication has to be very different from the usual style that the people are used to in banking sector.

If you are expecting to board a fun banking express, you should probably peep into Equitas’ branch. Here are few sprinklers that will make your day more fun,

  • Tired of boring bank statement?The Sudoku puzzles on your bank statements are sure to entertain your family.
  • No more automated voice to annoy you!We have celebrities to cater your needs when you call our customer support.
  • Fun dressing theme- To bring down the rigid banking culture, we introduced a new dressy theme which brighten up the workspace and will also make you feel welcome and comfortable.
  • A new login feature in your mobile banking - Floating Bubbles has made its debut on our Mobile Banking App while our branches have had an all-new makeover with exciting posters unlike any other in the industry.

There is no need for a bank branch to appear the most dullest andlifeless. You can expect a colourful and energetic vibes at Equitas branches. Our life’s work is to indulge you in fun while banking with us. We do have a lot in bucket, so stay tuned for banking that is more fun!