Bike Banker


Bringing Banking To Your Doorstep With Equitas Express – Bike Banker

Did anyone tell you that you can now book your banker just like a food delivery app and also track them down?

Revolutionizing the way of banking, introducing you to ‘Equitas Express – Bike Banker’ bringing banker to your doorstep, making lives seamless, hassle-free, and faster. Say goodbye to multiple bank visits and experience banking at the comfort of your home. With the help of our Equitas Express app you can now track your banker live and expect them to visit home under 60 minutes.

Why go to the bank when you can invite a banker home?

Equitas Express - Bike Banker

  • Providing essential financial services to individuals within the comfort of your homes.
  • Designed to cater to specific demographics of people who find it challenging to visit a physical bank branch for people like Senior citizens, Homemakers, & Busy corporate employees.

Worried about traveling so far to a bank and hate standing in long queues?

  • Making sure Senior Citizens can manage their finances without having to travel, stand in long waits, or any physical strain.
  • We take into consideration your convenience and offer personalized assistance for your investments all from the comfort of your homes.

Find it challenging to visit banks and disrupting your routine life?

  • Homemakers often juggle numerous responsibilities, making it challenging to visit a bank branch during regular working hours. Banker on wheels cater to your schedules by providing a banker who will visit your homes to address banking needs, handle transactions, open accounts, or discuss financial plans without disrupting your routine life.

Stuck between office and home and got no time to think of your finances or banking?

  • Equitas Express- Banker on wheels is here for you! Corporate employees with demanding schedules may find it difficult to allocate time for banking tasks during your workdays. Banker on wheels offers on-site banking support, allowing employees to manage your finances efficiently without needing to leave your workplace.

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